Hello all, hope everything is going well back home, because I’ve been up to some really cool stuff! I had a three day weekend with Monday being the lenten holiday of Clean Monday which is a pretty big deal in Greece.  With the extra time, I decided to head on over to Meteora, Greece. I bought a train ticket to leave Thessaloniki at 10 am and was planning on taking the bus to the train station. But my alarm didn’t go off in time so this trip almost ended before it even began. Fortunately, I was able to get a taxi and had 15 minutes to spare when I arrived at the station.


View from Kalabaka

After the four hour train ride to Kalambaka we finally arrived! Kalambaka is a town of about 17,000 at the base of Meteora. Even from the train station we could see how crazy Meteora is! After staring up at the cliffs for awhile we quickly got settled into the hostel and then did the 45 minute hike up to the nearest high point. I really enjoyed the hiking even though it was not an easy trail. We rarely saw anyone else on the trail and it was so serene. Just looking up to these massive cliffs on the way up gets you a lot more excited to get to the top than driving a car like the vast majority of tourists there.


View of the town from halfway up the trail

When we finally did make it to the top… WOW, is all I was able to say. This place is absolutely incredible. Being able to see for miles and miles and also how dramatic the cliffs looked with the surrounding environment.  The views were amazing, the atmosphere incredible, and the sunsets literally picture perfect. Words don’t really capture how great this place is so I think I will just post some photos for you now.

Holy Trinity Monastery

View from inside a monastery. Well worth the 3 euros

Perfect sunset

The only unforunate thing that happened for us was that all day Saturday was rainy, cloudy, and had no visibility in the afternoon. But the views from Saturday, Sunday morning, and Monday made it all worth it. See the difference between Sunday and Monday below.

Before buying my train ticket, all I knew about Meteora was that it was a nature area with some cliffs. But after spending three days hiking over 25 miles, Meteora is by far the most beautiful place I’ve ever been in my life. Pictures do it no absolutely no justice, but it is definitely a place worth coming to.


This nice dog joined me for the sunset, absolutely magical

Back to class for me, been working on some of my papers and will be staying in Thessaloniki this next weekend. Hopefully will be able to explore the city a little more. Have a good rest of your week everyone!


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