Hey all, I’m going to keep this one short because I procrastinated until 3 am my time to write this. But since last time I’ve checked in with you all I’ve been busy with school lessons and also traveled solo to Bulgaria to the capital city of Sofia.

Tallest cathedral in Bulgaria

For my trip to Sofia, the trip almost didn’t come to be. I arrived at the correct general area for the bus 3o minutes before departure, but couldn’t find exactly where it was until after the bus already left by just a minute. One of the workers ran me around a few streets and we managed to run right in front of the bus so I can get on before they left the city! I am very glad I caught the bus just to sit for the next 5 hours on my way to the city.

Sofia’s main theater

Fun fact about Sofia is that it not pronounced like the common girls name, there is less emphasis on the “fia” part and more on the “so” part. In Sofia, I went on a walking tour around the city and saw the main sites. There is a lot of cool variety in the city concerning architecture from Byzantine, Greek, Slavic, and Soviet influenced buildings. There were many things similar to Greece as well. If there weren’t so many Soviet buildings, I could easily believe that I was in Thessaloniki. My favorite activity in the city was sitting at a park with an ice cream people watching. I also had the pleasure of playing chess with old Bulgarian men and wow they are way better than I am! It was a really cool experience playing with them, even though we didn’t share a common language.



Well that’s all folks. I’m heading to Athens tomorrow and will be there for four days! I am really looking forward to explore both the ancient and modern parts of the city. Will keep you updated and as always hope everything is well back home.



One thought on “Sofia

  1. Thanks for the corrective on the pronunciation. I hear so many people say “Sofia” as if “Loren” were to be the next word out of their mouths. The accent is absolutely on the first syllable when we’re talking about Bulgaria’s capital.


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