Wrapping Up

Hello all, I’m back again with a quick post about what I’ve been up to and what the future holds for me. I spent last weekend in the Tzoumerka region hiking up and around mountains. Now I’m back in Thessaloniki working on all the papers I’ve been neglecting the whole semester! Fortunately the NCAA championship game is on tonight at 4:20 am Greek time and I’m getting a lot of work done while waiting for that to start right now.

I leave for Easter break this Thursday night. I have 16 days and am planning on jumping around Europe for a little bit. Right now I’m planning on being in Dusseldörf and Cologne, Germany for a few days then jumping down to Milan, Italy. I’ll be in Northern Italy for about a week split between Milan, Florence, and Venice. After that I’m splitting my last week between Amsterdam, Netherlands and Prague, Czech Republic. I’ll head back home to Thessaloniki and only have 3 days left before I head back to London for my flight home! It’s crazy how fast everything is ending right now and I still can’t believe it is almost over!

I’m leaving my laptop in Greece, so it will be a little while till I send another update. I will have MANY pictures though, so it will be worth the wait! Ciao!

P.S. here’s a map of where I’m all heading if you weren’t sure where I’m going:



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