Home at Last

In the last few weeks I have had to say goodbye to all my friends in Greece, finish up my classes, and make my way back home to America. Along the way I stopped in Edinburgh, Scotland to see the city and wow it is a beautiful place. Edinburgh is known as “The Athens of the North” so it was cool to see some similar architecture as in Athens.

Edinburgh Castle from my hostel

While reflecting about how the last 3.5 months have been for me, I can confidently say that coming to Greece was a fantastic experience. From the many places I traveled to, the friends I made, and the things I experienced it was overwhelmingly positive. I have been home for a little over a week now and I miss my friends and professors so much. I miss the amazing coffee, food (especially gyros), and the relaxed vibe of Greece.

The 4 Americans at Perrotis: Erin, Leah, me, and Korianna


With that being said, I am glad to be back on US soil. It has been a long time coming to see friends and family from Minnesota and from Iowa State. It has been cool to see some new changes in different towns and even how some people have changed. It has also been very nice to see the cattle again, see new calves, and earning some money again working!

Happy friends greeting me back in Ames!


Overall, going to Greece was a life changing event for me. Seeing many different cultures, people, and customs was amazing and at times frustrating. It definitely has opened me eyes to other parts of the world outside of the US. My biggest take away is that people everywhere around the world are ultimately very similar. We have similar aspirations to do well for ourselves, have friends, have fun, and be happy. If someone is interesting in studying abroad, I can not advocate enough how good of an experience it is! Unfortunately, this is the end of the blog. Thank you to everyone that read it the last few months, I hope you enjoyed hearing about my little trek to Europe!


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